What is a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards bridge a gap between credit cards and debit cards.


Prepaid cards can be used almost anywhere credit cards are accepted - shops, restaurants, online shops or ATM cash withdrawals. However, there are certain limitations: transactions that require pre-authorisation, such as automated gas stations, may not be able to process prepaid card payments.


Unlike credit cards, prepaid cards do not require credit checks. Hence a prepaid card is typically easier to obtain than a credit card.


Unlike credit cards, prepaid cards have no overdraft facility available as spend is limited to the amount that has been uploaded to the card.

Unlike debit cards, a prepaid card is not associated with a bank account but with a virtual account such as the Skrill Digital Wallet. Hence transactions made by a prepaid card do not appear on bank statements but on your Skrill Digital Wallet history.

Security and fraud protection

Our Skrill prepaid MasterCard features "chip and PIN" technology that provides the same level of security as that of most contemporary credit or debit cards. However, prepaid cards do not offer the same level of consumer protection that credit cards may provide. Flight booking insurance for example is not normally featured by prepaid cards (unless otherwise specified).


Prepaid cards are mainly used as a supplemental means of payment with the following benefits:

How it works »

How it works

Pay with your Skrill MasterCard online or offline, anywhere MasterCard cards are accepted.

  • Your card is linked to a Digital Wallet that you can top up instantly
  • Stay safe while shopping online or abroad (Chip & PIN security)
  • No credit checks required
  • Track your spending online 24/7